Saturday, May 14, 2011

Raina and her family are enjoying some time spent at home. Laughing over a game of chess and the realization that no one seems to be able to beat Ky, despite the fact that they had just taught her the basics of playing. Raina is smiling when her cell rings and she sees its Erik.

“Hi Brother! Whats up?”

Nick watches as her smile fades and her eyes go wide.

“What? How can that be?” Raina pauses as she listens to Eriks explanation. “I'll be right there.... No... I am coming over to see Alise. Stop arguing.... Be there in a few...”

Ky and Gareth exchange glances and Ky asks, “Whats wrong?”

Raina starts to pace and explains, “That was Erik. Somehow a ghoul got past the wards at Stoney and Alise's. He attacked Tomas when he tried to keep the thing away from Laila. He is going to be fine, but was injured. Star felt something wrong and thought she could cut through the woods to get to Alise quicker... Tannr killed a Drow and Tiger got another one. I want to go see Alise, I am sure she is about making herself sick...” She looks to Nick, “Can you come with me?” Then to Ky and Gareth, “Maybe you guys should check out the woods by the cabin. Star will want to go home if I know her, a couple more pairs of eyes would be welcome, I am sure.”

Ky stands with a wide grin on her face. “Drow hunting... something else I am good at.” She looks at Gareth, “Come on Sobersides, we can make a game of this too. I'll even let you use some of my darts...”

Raina knew that for all of Ky's teasing her intent was deadly serious. She had sworn on her life to protect Star and she would do just that.

Nick stands, “So, are we taking the Harley?”

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