Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tannr goes silent and still at the sight of one of the Drow, flashing a knife and holding it to Stars throat. Fighting instinct takes over and in one fluid motion Tannr raises the axe, aims and releases, saying a silent prayer that Star not move.

The Drow looks up at Tannr. But there's no warning, none; suddenly the axe is just there, spinning end over end. it ends its flight in a dark elf's head, with a sound like someone splitting a pumpkin.

Tannr's voice is low and guttural, savage, scaring Star, as she has never seen Tannr like this.

“Walk away or die”, he says; the second axe in his hand is poised, ready to strike.

The Drow gives Star a hard shove, intending to make good his escape. But when he sees Star shoved, Tiger has other ideas.

As Star turns and tries to scramble to her knees she sees Tiger, crouching behind the Drow. When he turns to flee, the giant cat springs, taking the Drow down by his neck. Star gasps and turns away. The scream and crunching sounds along with a spray of blood making her cringe and gasp.

Tannr approaches and takes Star by the hand, helping her rise. “Dont waste your sympathy. If I hadnt been here, he wouldnt have thought twice about gutting you right here...”

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