Monday, May 23, 2011

Ardara watches curiously from the edge of the woods. She had been watching the gargoyle as she took a place on top of the stables when a man dressed in black catches her eye. She watches motionless as he approaches what had to be a ward wall of some kind and steps right through it.

Curious.... did he set that ward of protection or is he powerful enough to step through that? What kind of wizard is he?

After the man enters the cabin, Ardara steps close to the spot where she saw him pass through the ward. She holds her hands up, feeling the power in the ward. As she moves closer the palm of her upheld hands and fingers start to tingle. When the tingling starts to sting and moves down her wrists she lowers her hands and moves no closer.

Fascinating.... and stronger than any I have encountered or set myself.... Why does he visit the foretold Warrior at this hour?

Her gaze returns to Tori, her stone form almost shimmering in the early morning sun.

Let someone else worry about the Warrior. Nathlyn or one of the others can deal with a squalling brat... I have other things to do... I wonder if a Loremaster would know of the gargoyles? Maybe Malkuth....its not all that far to Kudarne...

She fades behind a tree as the sorcerer in black leaves the cabin and moves towards the woods. As Mortuis heads towards the Manse, Ardara heads to Underdark and the city where she will find the Loremaster.

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