Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stoney turns his head slowly. His gaze takes in his son's condition, his wife's state, and the assembled protectors. His mind touches Alise'. Non, not yet Chaton. He got in here somehow. I intend to find out how, and who sent him.

Lids lowered, Stoney returns his gaze to the ghoul. His growl rumbles slowly, thundering in the clearing. Tori murmurs to Alise and her sister-in-law heads to the door to open it for Tannr. Star assures Alise that Rowan is on her way, and Tori chuckles. Her words are lost as the door shuts behind them.

"We need soil from outside, Need to pack the wounds with mud of his native land. His color is actually good Alise. He is part sto..."

Stoney stares into the eyes of the ghoul. "Now... how did you get in here?"

The ghoul bares its teeth. "Your gatekeeper let me in."

Stoney growls and there is a sharp crack as the Crann Tire tightens its grip. The ghoul screams at the flash of pain from a broken bone. Alise touches Stoney's mind. With a kiss, and it is alright mon amour, he gently closes her out.

"Who sent you, and why?"

The ghouls is panting from the pain. "Up yours stone," He screams again as the Crann Tire adds pressure. The scream ends on a curse. "Rath... the vampire Rath..."

"How many are inside my wards?"

The creature grins and Stoney casually reaches out and rakes his claws along the ghoul's chest. It twists, trying to escape, but there is no escape. The Crann Tire tugs on its arms, stretching tendons and muscles painfully.

"Just me... just me, I swear!"

Stoney nods and Wish hands him a sharp twig. Stoney probes the wound over the creature's heart.

"How did you get in?"

The creature balks, saying nothing, and Stoney presses the sharp point into the wound. The ghoul writhes in the tree's grip.

"How... Did... You... Get... In?" Each word is accompanied by a thrust of the  twig.

The creature screams, gibbering out about spying on the gremlin, and taking advantage of his delivering the jeep.

Stoney sits back and looks at the end of the bloodied stick. Wish steps up beside Stoney and stares at the ghoul.

"Trixies...  this one is crafty as a Piskie. Hid from sight and thought to get a free meal while you slept. Did not expect the bravery of yer git."

Stoney looks down at Wish. Wish runs her petite hand along the twig. It thickens, becoming a rough stake. The ghoul's eyes widen.

"One more question. Why does Rath want someone here harmed?"

The ghouls stares at the stake, then looks at Stoney and laughs. "You took his servant. Your family stands in his way. You embarrassed him... of course he hates you."

The creature laughs, giggling in near hysterics, sounding like a hyena.  Stoney shakes his head and raises the stake. Suddenly the creature's chest blossoms red. Wish lays a hand on the root-like leg of the Treeman. The ghoul screams once more as the wooden branch pushes deeper through creature's chest.

As the intruder's eyes glaze over, the magic leaves the Crann Tire. Twigs and vines minimize slowly, shrinking in size, twisting on itself until all that is left is a stake through the ghoul's heart.

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