Saturday, May 7, 2011

Walking from their room to the nursery, Tori shakes her wrist, watching the snakes glide along her skin. Tannr laughs and she grins.

"I take it you like it?"

Giving him a frown, Tori bats her eyes innocently. "Noooo... not at all... it is just so damn thoughtful I hate you for it."

He raises a brow at her and holds out his hand, palm up. "Ok.. give it back then. I am sure I can find som..." His words cut off as she punches him in the shoulder. He goes pale, fine lines appearing near the corners of his eyes, betraying the pain.

Tori's mouth drops open when she realizes what she has done "Shit." She covers her mouth with a hand. "Tannr, I'm sorry. Goddess! I forgot! Are you alright?"

He shakes his head as he swallows hard. His words are nearly a croak when he answers.

"Don't worry about it. Doesn't hurt a damn..." He moves his arm slowly to loosen pain tightened muscles. "Okay, maybe a little."

He wraps his good arm around Tori, drawing her close when she doesn't move. Still stiff against his body, Tori hides her face. "I am sorry, Oh Goddess... I am so sorry... I'll send ahead so the kids don't bump your arm too much."

Tannr laughs, tilting her head so he can kiss her. "It will be fine. You just caught me off guard."

Opening the door to the nursery, they hear the sound of giggling and clapping. Chloe hovers about three feet off the floor, small wings nearly a blur. Absynthe is doing loops in the air overhead while Ob applauds his daughter's new ability. She drops to the floor, nearly overbalancing, when she spies Tori and Tannr.

"An' Tor! Chlo flied!" Her pale skin is flushed pink, the jewel tones in her black curls glittering in her excitement. Her expression falls suddenly solemn. "No tell Mama? I show?" She is beaming again when Tori nods.

Tori raises a brow at Ob. "Pandora doesn't know?"

Her brother chuckles as he gathers up his little girl. "No. This is a secret between Absynthe, Gitanilla, Nanny, and myself. Now you two... Pandora is concerned that Chloe will take off for the rafters and get stuck. So... I am teaching her how to control her height and speed a little at a time, with the understanding that Papa' can ground her if I have a reason. So while Pandora is downstairs meeting the young woman her father hired today, I am taking the time to get in a little flight practice." He raises a finger to his lips, sharing an exaggerated Shhhhhhh with his daughter. "So no telling Mamacita."

Chloe bursts int a fit of giggles and lets the nanny help her into a dress for dinner. Chloe carefully folds her wings against her back and turns to show Tori. "See? Chlo no fly. Chlo be good."

"Of course Chloe, we promise not to tell your Mama. It is our secret." Chloe spins in a circle until she falls down, giggling. Absynthe hovers over her, claws tucking into the fabric of Chloe's dress, trying to help her up. Ob laughs and scoops his daughter up. "Pandora says dinner is almost ready." His gaze goes to Tannr's still pale skin. "Dude? You okay?" Tori closes her eyes, grimacing. Ob shakes his head.

"Tori what the hell did you do?" He picks it up as it leaks from her mind. Ob shakes his head. "Tannr, if you want help tanning her bottom, I'll hold her for you."

Tori throws Ob a nasty look and stalks out of the room. She hears Tannr tell her brother thanks, but... Ob snickers as they come out of the room almost on her heels. She hears Tannr asking about the lack of children and Ob's reply about Stoney's jeep still in the shop and Erik and Star not being at the Tavern yet.

Tori links her arm in Tannr's good one, shooting her brother another glare. Ob grins. "So there is a new employee of Traeger's at the bar. Seems the kid's been in town a little over one day. She lucked out getting a job this fast. Pandora says she is talented with her silverwork."

He shifts Chloe to his other arm and she squirms herself around until Absynthe can land on Ob's shoulder. The dragon rubs her small head against Ob's hair, then leans to press against her little mistress. Chloe strokes the dragon until its eyes close and a soft purring sound rumbles from the green scaled belly.

Coming down the stairs Tori scans the room. There are many regulars in for dinner. Patti is busy behind the bar as Ike and Monty are helping the two shiftergirls wait tables. The third waitress is nowhere to be seen. If she doesn't show up again... Tori shakes the thought from her head as she follows Jeb's intent gaze to the redheaded stranger at the bar.

The girl is tucking away one of Monty's specialties as if she hasn't eaten in weeks. From the way Jeb is staring, he looks like he hasn't either and she is a buffet.

Tori hides a grin and murmurs to her brother, so as not to have any Kin pick up her words. "Your bouncer looks lovestruck."

Tannr chuckles. "I know the feeling."

Tori looks at the redhead. She sighs. "She does look pretty, even from here."

Tannr laughs aloud. "Not her Red... I meant You."

Ob laughs. "If you guys are going back upstairs, I'll have Monty hold food for you. But... it might be best if Tannr eats before having to take more painkillers?" He moves past them to the main floor, heading to the family area to join his very pregnant wife.

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