Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roxi didn't mind being alone for awhile... she had just spent a day getting settled in her apartment and going over the basics of how Traeger ran his shop. She knew she was going to be happy there; the other young people she met that apprenticed with Traeger were just as friendly as all those she had met at the tavern.

Pandora walked over to retrieve her daughter from Ob, and it was obvious that she was with child... they looked very loving to each other; and it made Roxi sigh.  She had not been in a relationship for quite awhile... her life had been traumatic at best after her grandmother's death. The home she'd owned was heavily laden with debt; her grandmother had been in ill health for years, and she kept taking out loans to cover the mounting expenses.

Roxi had seen the attorney just the week before coming to Exton; and he had given her a check for $10,00.00... not much when her grandparents had spent their lives there, and she walked away knowing strangers would soon change the whole aura of the place.

Roxi's parents had been wanderers... they both worked for the forest service; and seemed to favor the remote wilderness areas where they were free to shift and join the other wild creatures there. When Roxi had grown old enough to know her heart wasn't there with them; they sent her to live with her grandmother to go to college, and find herself.

She had only been with her gram a year when word reached her that an avalanche had buried her parents... she knew they were together doing what pleased them, so she tried to dwell on them in Summerland, running free as the beautiful creatures they were with their furry coats glistening in the sun. Her father had been a grey fox, much larger than her mother... who was the burnished coppery color that Roxi's hair bore. They had always relished their wild side; and encouraged Roxi to do it as well.

Roxi relished the idea of running with Jeb; she had not shifted for nearly a month, and she could feel the tension building beneath her calm exterior. This was truly a new beginning in so many ways... she mused; as she watched Jeb at the door, he stole glances her direction as well when he could... and she smiled coyly as he blew her a kiss.

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