Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roxi ate like she had never eaten before, the meat was succulent and rare, the vegetables seasoned with exotic but tasty herbs. Monty was an exceptional  cook; and Ike told her it was his heritage that gave him the ability to know what was just right.

Pandora had made her immediately comfortable; she was lovely and Roxi could tell that she was human... but enhanced in some way. Pandora soon had her filled in on her witches heritage, her husband... and a brief outline of the regulars she would meet...her idea of the tavern being a safe haven for the Others of Exton.

When Obsidian came down with Chloe; Roxi knew immediately this was Pandora's husband... he was in awe of his size; he was nicely proportioned and muscular, his multi-colored hair and striking eyes in the olive  face just what Pandora had described. He turned her way and gave her a welcoming smile , then continued across the room to a large table where Pandora waited. Roxi grinned as she watched the tiny miniature of Ob perched on his arm... she shared his hair and eyes; but had her mother's complexion in a face so cute you couldn't help smiling at her.

Roxi was intimidated by the idea of gargoyles; but Ike assured her they were much like normal people unless riled... and some were larger than many humans, as Ob had shown her. She watched the loving exchange when the family united, and the tender way Ob stroked his wife's stomach,she sighed and decided they weren't as scary as she imagined.

The couple behind Obsidian were just as striking... both were redheads; but the large muscular man was definately Nordic of some type, and she knew that the petite but muscular woman must be Tori... she had the bright red spiky hair Pandora described... and attitude stood out in the very way she held herself. She gave Roxi a smile and nod too, and Roxi smiled back tentatively. "She isn't as intimidating as her aura throws out... she's actually sweet to those that are our friends and family"... Ike said as she watched the direction Roxi gazed.

Roxi returned to her food, not wanting to let it get cold... it was too good to waste. She had just finished when Jeb, the bouncer sat next to her."So, your first tavern meal; I've got to tell you, you will never leave here hungry."... Roxi smiled shyly... "It was really good; everything here seems good."  Jeb looked her in the eyes and found himself lost for a moment... she had a sadness in there. "I'm Jeb, in charge of keeping order here... if thats possible."... He laughed, watching a spark leap into those sad eyes. Roxi introduced herself and found she was attracted to this hulking man, his eyes were kind and she felt a draw that spoke of her fox shapeshifter nature. Often she  couldn't understand why she was drawn to something until her shifter side emerged.

"I'd like to get to know you better,can we talk sometime?" Jeb was not one to mince words..he was direct. Roxi blushed, and answered... "I'm going to be working for Traeger, and live in his building; I'm sure I'll be here a lot." Jeb smiled and said... "Good, then I think our paths will cross often... what are you doing for Traeger?" Roxi explained her silversmith's skills and watched Jeb's face take on a wary expression. "Well, I'm a werewolf and silver is not my best friend, just don't go making any bullets or such." Roxi laughed and said.."I promise, no bullets; in fact I'll try not to wear too much silver when I'm here so you don't get weak." Jeb replied.."I'm not that susceptible... only piercing my body would do me harm... or laying something right on my bare skin.

Got to get back to the door... talk to you again." Roxi watched him leave knowing she was going to know him better.

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