Monday, January 24, 2011

“Well, staring at each other isnt going to help anything. Let her sleep it off, she doesnt need us all hanging out right outside her door.” Cassie is exasperated with the two men. They both turn to her with puzzled looks on their faces.

“And before we go, Nick, did you not think to talk to her before you started experimenting?” Nicks expression gets more confused and it is apparent that he has no idea what Cassie is talking about.

“You know, with the open relationship thing? Havent you guys talked things through? Hence the word 'open'. And you guys really should have set some ground rules before playing with someone else so no one gets hurt or misunderstands things.”

Nick looks even more befuddled and says, “But I didnt do anything...”

Cassie sighs, “Then what did she see when she opened your door a little while ago?”

Sudden realization hits Nick like a punch in the gut. “Oh shit... shit.”

“Yeah jerk, oh shit. Why didnt you think first? Dont answer that. Men never think first, at least not with the head on their shoulders.” Cassie turns to go back downstairs and hears the definite 'click' of a vampires fangs dropping.

She turns back, “Oh, you did not just do what I think you did. Put your fangs back vampire. My blood is blue and tastes like something found in a sewer, or so I have been told. You should be mad at yourself, not me.”

Nick watches as Cassie heads back downstairs. He is at a loss for words and worried about what Erik must think now too.

Star can feel his confusion and knows he loves Raina, even though their relationship isnt anything like hers and Eriks. Almost to himself Nick says, “I think I may have screwed everything up.”

Star turns to him, her eyes brown with concern and shakes her head. “I know you www...would never hurt her on pp...purpose. She feels and loves and hates more deeply than the rest of us. And you are the one she loves with her heart.”

What Star didnt say out loud was the feelings of desire and confusion Nick had about Gareth. She could sense how conflicted he was and thought it was better to not say anything about it at this point.

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