Monday, January 24, 2011

Cassie helps Raina to get settled on the bed . Raina moans and grabs her stomach, curling up into a fetal position.

“Here sweetie, let me get these jeans off. They cant be comfortable.” Cassie gently pulls off Rainas boots and jeans, admiring all the tats. “Wow, she has a lot of ink...”

Cassie asks Raina what happened and has to lean close to hear what Raina says. Cassie frowns but doesnt say anything.

Star sits on her knees next to the bed, her expression solemn. She takes one of Rainas hands in hers and can feel how hurt she is. She runs a hand over Rainas forehead letting her feel how much she cares for her. Then moves her hand to Rainas stomach and then holds it there, willing it to settle into calmness.

Raina sighs, “Thank you *lítill systir. **Minn bróðir ástsjúkur þú svo mikill...” Noticing Stars puzzled look, Raina tells her, “Sorry, I mean, my brother loves you so're so pretty....” and she starts to ramble again in Norse.

Cassie moves a small waste paper basket close to the head of the bed. She puts a glass of water on the nightstand as Star pulls the covers over Raina and tucks her in. Before they leave the room Star goes into the bathroom and leaves a light on.

Cassie smiles at the gesture, “She cant be afraid of the dark.”

Shaking her head Star tells her, “No, bb..but in case she ggg...gets confused.”

They step into the hallway where Nick is looking totally confused. Erik looks confused, too, but also really pissed - he just doesn't know what to be pissed about, exactly.

*little sister

**my brother loves you so much

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