Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Visiting with Stoney and his family was nice. It is difficult to imagine Alise was the ghost that haunted Mortuis for so long. I wonder if Mortuis misses her. I am glad she is happy. I know Re'mi is. This is what he wanted, what they both wanted, so many decades ago.

I feel lost. My contract with Herne is done. I have negotiated a new contract, one that allows me to chose the Hunts I take. The stopper to my bottle is broken, but I have to be careful. If I go back inside to retrieve anything, it could still be sealed with something that would block my getting out. I have things there that I need to relocate. I think I need to do that when Mortuis has the time to watch over me. I don't want an overzealous Sylph closing the bottle while I am in it.

I kick through the snow, thinking. Snow. I never got to enjoy the beauty. It was always a means to track something, or to be overcome so I didn't get tracked. I watch the flakes glitter in the moonlight. Suddenly I am missing the sands of my homeland. I also miss the fur I gave up on Samhain. With a deep sigh, I tap deep, feeling for the warmth. I open my eyes to snow melting around my feet. I let the warmth go, stepping off the patch of wetness. It is icing over as I walk onward.

The lights of the Manse are ahead. I wonder if Mortuis is busy, if he even realizes I am gone. I respect his privacy. The man works hard and doesn't need someone poking into his mind just to let him know they went for a walk.

I stand in the light from the porch, just watching the snow.

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