Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nick pulls Raina close, kissing her face, her eyes. “We should get some ice or something, your eyes look like you have been in a fight.”

Rainas stomach starts to growl, making her laugh. “Sorry. Maybe food first, shower, sex, then ice....”

Laughing Nick stands and pulling Raina up, kisses her again and tells her, “I'll go see what Monty is cooking for tonight and just bring it up here. How does that sound?”

“Perfect. I dont want to go downstairs looking like this...and theres someone else I need to make amends to....”

Nick heads downstairs and Raina goes into the bathroom. She splashes cold water on her face and combs her hair. She looks at herself in the mirror, still look like death.... she sighs... Its the best I can do for right now. I wonder if Gareth is awake yet....

Raina knocks softly on Nicks door and peeks in when she gets no response. Gareth is still in bed, laying on his side, his arm wrapped around one of the pillows. Raina enters and sits down on the bed next to him. Gods, he looks like Death warmed over....but he isnt bad looking, at least when he is sleeping that pissed off bitter look is gone... His hair is so blonde, kinda like Stars.... and almost without thinking she brushes the hair away from his face...

Gareth opens his eyes at the touch and yelps in surprise at the sight of Raina sitting near him. He jumps and barely manages to stay on the bed, so startled he almost falls off the other side.

“Damn Gareth. I'm not even armed. I know I look like shit but I didnt think I was that frightening...”

“You startled me..I am used to...well....” and Gareth moans, holding his head, obviously in pain.

Raina nods, “Used to Morgan, no doubt. But I am not interested in raping you or making you do something you dont want to. Not something I am into... The hangover must be bad. Is there anything you can take for it? I mean since you are fae....Star wont use anything except herbal things, not sure if that's just her or its an elven thing... I can ask her if you like...”

Gareth nods slightly, thinking his head is going to pop at any moment. Raina starts to feel bad for him. She remembers how she used to feel when anything reminded her of her sister.

“Gareth, I am sorry about your friend, about Conal. May the Aesir grant him, and you, peace."

Gareth looks up, surprised. He had the impression that this woman hated him. “Thank you Raina.”

Standing Raina takes one of Gareth's hands in her own. "I mean it, honestly. Nick is getting supper, please join us. You will feel better if you eat something. I'll see if I can find Star."

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