Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Traeger was toiling on the sword... he'd heated the forge to the temperature necessary to bind the metals needed... and now he was heating and reheating as he hammered the metal flat... getting it to the shape of the blade needed... in the morning when he was fresh he would work on the finishing... and cast the handle and do the intricate silverwork needed.

As he worked his thoughts drifted to Rowan... she of the lustrous red hair and velvet brown eyes. He smiled as he struck the metal again and again... there was someone to look forward to at the end of his toil. He was anxious for them to have a whole night alone again, but knew until the babes came she needed to be ready at a moments notice... good thing he was a patient man, he mused.

Traeger then thought about Pandy, and the child she carried... his grandchild. He was very proud of the woman she'd become, and knew she'd be a good mother... but he wondered what challenges might lie ahead for her and Ob with the child's mixed bloodlines. He laughed at the image of the child flying out of reach when it didn't want to mind... would it be able to use its wings like Ob did?... or be more human... or more daemon?... he doubted the latter... Ob suppressed so much of that in himself he doubted the child would ever know it might possess such powers. Gargoyle and shapeshifter genes could prove to be pretty powerful... he expected a grandchild with supernatural powers... add its mothers wytche's ways and it would have the potential to do just about anything it wanted... he would see that the child learned the gentle pagan ways. He was anxious to learn its sex... he wanted to think he or she... not it... he chuckled again at his haste, he had just learned of it... give the child time.

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