Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keon sits back, watching with interest. He makes no move to interfere, knowing something is afoot. Jack isn't fool enough to bait them without a good reason. He leans close to Rowan, sliding an arm over her shoulders. leaning close, he affects a smirk and whispers in her ear.

"I can't place her, nor her companion. But then, there are those who jockey for position in both Courts, lesser sons and daughters that have not done something to catch the Eye of the Darkness."

The redhead returns and Keon presses his face into Rowan's neck. "Blush for me Priestess. She is looking, even though you can't tell. I don't care what you think about. Hmmm, an image perhaps... Traeger stripped to the waist, swinging his hammer over the metal, sweaty and glowing like Vulcan at his Forge?"

He sits back laughing as Rowan's cheeks burn. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Keon murmurs. "A few lessons about the Fae, *Fearch Chan 'r Leuad... share it with the others when those two are gone? We see more than you know, wrap everything we do in misdirection, and never lie about the truly important things. In fact, it is only the High Fae who CAN lie. Every bargain will have an out, and will bind the nonfae in ways they won't see until too late." He takes her hair in his fingers and kisses a few strands. "And carry cold iron. We have a severe reaction to it..."

He pauses, watching the Fae through a veil of Rowan's hair. "I wonder what hold she has on him."

*Daughter of the Moon

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