Monday, January 24, 2011

Tink hovers in front of my face wearing her latest ensemble; it's a halter-top and loincloth combination - something of a jungle-girl motif - but all in green. I shoo the pestiferous pixie away, whereupon she turns her back to me, lifts the loincloth and flashes me, then flies away on a trail of pixie dust and high-pitched giggles.

I sigh, longing for the days when pixies were putting a dewdrop in every cowslip's ear; still, I must admit she adds spice to my day on occasion. It puzzles me, though… what can she want of me? I can hardly be of any use to a six-inch sex kitten….

I return to my work; but within moments I'm interrupted again, this time by a sylph. She tells me a visitor is at the gate. It must be someone who has legitimate access; the wards are reinforced by a minor spell that makes the uninvited feel uneasy, even frightened. I save my work, get up and walk to the gate.

She is standing there, hands by her sides, smiling - and my heart gives a leap. A gesture drops the wards and opens the gate; and then she is in my arms, my heart thudding painfully against my ribs.


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