Monday, January 24, 2011

Pandora looks up into Obsidian's eyes... "Are you up to it?... Will it
harm you??"... He starts to open his mouth when he realizes from the twinkle in her eyes she is teasing him. Rising she leans into him and kisses him... "lets go upstairs and make love... we have time, and I want to change into another dress." Pandora starts to lead the way, but as if to show her he is better he picks her up... she doesn't squirm, for she knows it's his pride... and if she fights him he might harm the collarbone again.

Once in their room she turns from him and starts stripping her clothes off... he is on the bed already naked; and she turns to admire his muscular form... "You are so handsome and strong my Josephito, and look at me... your woman is growing fat with child." She surrounds her belly with her arms, and then raising her hands she cups her breasts... "but I am able to give you larger breasts to play with, and your lips bring them great pleasure." Pandora makes her way to the bed and straddles Ob... her breasts inches from his waiting lips... "Make love to me my strong man... let our daughter know how much you love her mother." She reaches beneath her and closes her hand around his already firm member... guiding herself down its length she settles and starts to rock back and forth... enjoying the girth of him as it fills her.

She throws her head back and her hair tumbles in a mass around her shoulders as her closed eyes and partially open mouth tell of her passion... licking her lips lightly she bends low... waiting for Obsidian to close around the swollen nipple of her breast.

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