Saturday, January 22, 2011

There is a smell of blood, unmistakable. There is a thunk, like metal hitting pavement. One down. Ob smells leather and woodlands. Raina. There is a dry touch to the scent. Either Nicholas was there, or he had been with Raina just moments ago. The corners of Ob's mouth slant upwards. His eyes narrow into icy blue gems. His back was being watched, and not by whom he expected.

Ob draws Dominic into an old dance. Once upon a time Ob was no match for the Romanavich Warrior, but after years of independence, he had learned much. Soon the sound of blade screaming on blade draws others. Ob feels a surge as Traeger's magic enters the alley. One of the humans moves to intercept.

"What's going on here?" Traeger's voice carries over the smack of blades.

"Just a practice session, bud. They are putting on a show later..."

Lies. Traeger knows it, as much as he knows the gleam of light beyond Ob is light on scales. Silk stands just beyond the battle, watching in silence. headlights flick over the alley, showing a quick glipse of Raina in the shadows. Both humans are staring at him, waiting for him to move. Traeger leans against the wall. "They're good."

One of the men reaches in his jacket and is stopped by his partner.

Ob knows this has to end. He refuses to sing, knowing it will bring out the true blade. Dominic continues his taunts, jubilant in the fact the sword glows for his voice. His laughter is beginning to grate on Ob's nerves. No more, he thinks, letting Dominic spin the blade from his grasp. It spins off to the side and one of the humans dives for it.  Traeger moves and the remaining human pulls his gun, pointing it at Traeger's chest.

Scooping up the no longer shining sword, the human laughs. He shouts to his friend and sprints down the alley. The gunman grins at Traeger.

"It's your lucky day, old man. You get to live."

He turns and runs past Dominic. The Romanavich lunges, missing the man by a hair. Snarling he turns on Ob.

"This is your fault. That sword is MINE. It should have come to me after the twins." Sword dropping, his hands encircle Ob's throat, squeezing hard. Ob drops to his knees, straining to breathe.

"Let him go!" Traeger's voice seems much closer, but Ob refuses to look away from Dominic's face. Dominic jerks as a hand yanks on his shoulder. Shoving Ob away, the Romanavich turns on Traeger. His hand grips Traeger's throat, seeking to cut off his air.

"No one told you to interfere." The snarl fades from his face as Dominic coughs, gasping in pain. "A sword?" he tries to laugh, but fire burns through his body. "This is..."

"Nothing?" Traeger coughs, drawing air into his deprived lungs. 'It's silver coated." He stumbles back, leaving the short sword embedded in Dominic's stomach. Traeger wheezes. "Best defense in this town."

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