Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pandora was getting anxious; in spite of the little fae guarding her... she noticed Raina and Nick slip out the door after Ob, and when she felt the aura of her father close... but he wasn't in the tavern,she knew he was wherever Obsidian was. "Little man, I can't sit here any longer." She got up and started across the floor to the door... the fae flitting back and forth trying to talk her into returning to her seat.

Pandora was out the door in record time.... she rushed around the corner to the alley and was confronted by a scene of obvious battle.... Her father stumbled, gasping for air while at his feet a man lay with a sword embedded in his gut... feebly struggling as his life ebbed away. Obsidian was not far away... looking like he just fought the battle of his life, and she rushed to him and threw her arms around him... looking into his face "Are you alright? what happened?" Beyond him she saw Raina and Nick in the shadows; as well as Silk's essence. Whatever had transpired was obviously over;and her loved ones were alright.

Pandora knew Josephito was going to be mad at her disobedience; and she said... "It wasn't the little man's fault, he tried to stop me...I just grew too anxious, Chloe would not stop her fluttering; I think she knew you were in danger... she is definitely tuned in to her daddy." She turned to her father... "Daddy, are you hurt?' Traeger shook his head and whispered... "Just a little bit of throat throttling, think I'll survive". He stood over the figure of Dominic and said... "I'd leave the blade embedded where it is; with magickal figures you never know... leave the silver in his body." Pandora sighed in relief and slipped her hand down to her belly... Chloe was still... "See little one, your father is all right." Ob's hand slide down to rest on her stomach and Chloe moved beneath his hand.

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