Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surprisingly Pandora finds that the spicy food settles her stomach and the nausea abates. She awaits Ob's break... happy that she will spend some time with him not bent over the toilet.

She watches Alise at the bar and sees the scene unfold with the flame haired woman, it's the same one that's been here before... very snooty and unfriendly... she wonders if Raina will boot her out. As quickly as it started it is over, and the woman sits down and Raina guides Alise away... Pandora returns to the tablet she is writing on; spicy foods she likes, or has wanted to try...apparently they helped Ob's mother to get through the sickness. Mexican dishes of all sorts top the list, then chicken curry, jambalaya, red beans and rice... Patti and Monty will surely roll their eyes at her choices.

Traeger walks in and she motions him over; she hasn't seen him for several days... and he is about to find out about the child. "Dad, please sit, Ob will be here soon... I have something special to tell you..." she looks him in the eyes and takes his hand, placing it on her stomach... "Ob and I are having a child too, I just found out, and have been so ill the last few days I was unable to tell you".

Traeger is quiet,and Pandora fears she has hurt him somehow... "Are you okay?"... Traeger looks up at her with a smile across his face... "I have just found a woman  whose company I greatly enjoy, and now I am to be a grandfather too! How things can change in a short time... will you be okay, daughter?"

Pandora assures him she will not die from the nausea and that Ob has been very attentive; and from his family she has found some needed information. "It seems that the daemon genes caused sickness pretty much throughout for Ob's mother... I am in hopes Rowan will be able to help with some herbal remedies... spicy food seems to help too,"... She laughs and says "Heaven help us when this child arrives, it may have some extraordinary tastes"... and dad, speaking of arrival, I am told it will only be about 5 months... I must hurry if we are to be prepared." Traeger's raised eyebrow told her she had succeeded in shocking him. "I am hoping you will make a beautiful cradle or bed for the babe, I remember the fine wood pieces you made for our home when I was a child." Traeger leaned forward and hugged her... "We'll be ready, baby girl... Obsidian can help me,we'll work evenings in the shop." He rose and went to the bar in search of food, hoping Rowan would be among the guests tonight.

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