Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guunnar strides through the crowd. he already misses his usual gear and feels silly in blue jeans and flannel shirt, but Ramji assured him he would fit in better. Right now he felt like a fool. his long hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and a leather vest makes him look less like a lumberjack.

He sees Nikolas and Raina at the bar and heads their way. Monty holds up a mug as he gets close. He snags it and leans on the bar. A small bag plops on the bar at Raina's elbow. He opens the bag and pulls out several packages.

"I make a trip this week." He tosses one to Nickolas. "Here Vampyre. You know cherries in chocolade? Vell, dis ist fur you. Special made. Blud Chocolade."  He hands Raina another package. "Dark Truffles." He opens a small box and points to the different candies inside, all dipped in chocolate. "Dried fruits, nuts, spices, in chocolade. I figure little moder needs something different by now, ja?"

Stoney moves aside, letting Guunnar close. "Was ist Das?!" He places a large hand on her belly. "Was..." His eyes are wide as the babies bump his hand. "I not gone that long..." Alise laughs at his astonishment.

Stoney leans close to the box of chocolates and sniffs. He picks up one, sniffing again. He turns on his heel and carries it over to Ob.

"No. no. That chocolate has a bite. It is curried chocolate."

Guunnar tries to stop Stoney, but Ob takes the chocolate and laughs. He breaks off a small piece and eats it. His eyes widen and he coughs once.

"Guunnar, you are a genius!"

He hands the chocolate to Pandora. "Try this, mi amor, a nibble only..."

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