Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stoney wakes to Tomas' fidgeting. He strokes the little boys hand and Tomas grips Stoney's finger, pulling it to his mouth. Tara slumbers on beside her mother.

Chaton... I think Tomas needs to be fed again.

He laughs softly as his son frowns. The boy gazes up at Stoney and purses his lips. Alise holds out her arms and soon Tomas is nestled at her breast, nursing contentedly.

He feels for Ob. His mind is occupied with soothing Pandora and Chloe. The need to protect his family overshadowing all else.

"I never thought Ob would be content with one woman." Stoney lets Alise see Ob through his eyes. His past checkered with women, amicably drifting away as the band traveled. The closest any female came was their little Sarah. She was sister and daughter to them both. Finding her near what would have been the end of their stay, the two of them stayed in London much longer than usual. Her death broke both their hearts.

Stoney smiles down at their daughter. She sleeps quietly, her soft breathing trouble free. Stoney traces the tip of his finger through her dark curls. She wakes just as quietly, opening her lavender eyes to gaze up at her daddy. Her smile is like her mother's, pure sunshine in the night.

"You are beautiful, Tara. Gorgeous woman, just like your ma'man." He lifts her, letting her play with his fingers. Tara's fingers explore his hand, her gaze intent as she touches every ridge. Pulling his fingers close, she sniffs, then looks at her mother.

"I think her scenting ability has kicked in, mon amour."

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