Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The sounds in Nikolas' room are not Raina. Guunnar moves across the hall to her room. He hears the soft sound of sobs punctuated by Raina's fluent Nordic cursing. He smiles to himself, then schools his features and knocks. She yells at him, calling him Nick, telling him to take his vampiric ass back to his toy. Guunnar opens the door, only to dodge a thrown glass.

"You are drunk Raina, drunk and crying."

She peers at him " not."

"Ja, you are. Vat ist los, Raina. Vat happen?"

He settles on the edge of her bed, handing her a tissue. Raina swipes at her eyes, blowing her nose.

"Gareth... I found Nick in bed with Gareth. If he loves me like he says, he would have told me he had a thing for that Faerie..."

Guunnar hands her another tissue as she shreds the first one. She looks up at him, bleary eyed. "Nick was wrapped around him..."

"Raina... are you sure Nick did anytink? I vatch Gareth go upstairs. He vas falling down. Morgan, she tell him his lover is dead. Even Fae get their heart broken. Do you really tink Nikolas would make love to him in that shape?" Raina stares at Guunnar as if he has two heads. "I tink you would not do such a ting. Nikolas has honor too. I tink there is someting you not know."

He strokes her hair back, looking into her eyes. "You would not make love to me now, I tink. Not like this. Your heart, it is crying for Nikolas.  Why would Gareth make love to Nikolas when his heart is crying for his Conal?"

Guunnar kisses her cheek, then rises and goes for the door. "Tink about it Raina. I give you someting else to tink about... When Ramji lost his lover, Trey, another Rider crawl into his bed, chust holding him. It help him get through the shock..." He nods again, leaning against the closed door, blowing through his mustache. "Chust tink."

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