Monday, January 24, 2011

Star watches as Nick stomps away, sad that he and Raina are not understanding one another right now. She watches as Cassie takes Ron out to the dance floor and is confused by the attraction she felt between her and Raina.

Stars eyes are huge and are changing from brown to orange to yellow and back around again. She is worried about Raina, curious as to why Erik and Nick seem mad at each other and confused by the whole open relationship thing that they say they want but seems to be part of whats wrong with Raina. Star could feel the beginnings of desire between Cassie and Raina and Rainas anger with Nick had something to do with Gareth.

“Erik, I dd..dont understand. I mean.... they love each other, tt...then why...why the others? And why are you mm...mad at Nick? Do you like men too? I dd...dont want to be with anyone else or share what we have....”

Star falls silent like she usually does now when she says more that a sentence or two at a time. Erik sighs and puts an arm around her, not sure how to explain or answer all her questions.

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