Sunday, January 23, 2011

Star presses into me as Bitch leaves. That reminds me - I wonder if the sorcerer has heard from that friend of his? Maybe we can call him later….

I look around… no one seems to be paying any particular attention to us, so I lean down to Star and kiss her, slowly, lips and tongues playing. I can feel the soft smile beneath softer lips and even a hint of naughtiness. Well… is my sweet Star starting to come out of her shell?

After a moment we come up for air - and then, much to my surprise, she wraps her arms around me and seals her lips to mine again.

Ohhhh, yeah… definitely coming out of her shell….

Star is giving me a shy smile, getting ready for another kiss when I ask her, "Have you always been able to do that? Heal by touch, I mean?"

Then I kiss her hard for several minutes.

When we come up for air again, she nods. "Just ss..simple tt..things, yes, for as long as I can rr..remember."

Then she pulls me down again....

And I'm goin' down... for the last time....

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