Sunday, January 23, 2011

Guunnar stands, his large hands sliding over Raina as he rises. He grins as she arches into his touch and he tugs her braid.

"I go talk to *den Kun lidt Stjerne."

He smooths his mustache and tugs his shirt to make it neat. Keon lays a staying hand on his arm.

"She has a man, Guunn, and she is very skittish. You are an imposing man."

"I vill treat her as if she is mein little ^sostern. Don't you vorry Ke. I be big teddy bear." He smiles, eyes crinkling. Keon shakes his head.

"You will scare her into hiding, you great oaf." Keon loosens his hair and shakes it out. It flows past his hips in a black fall, fluttering around his shoulders as he moves to join Guunnar. "I am going with you." Guunnar starts to protest. "After all, she IS Fae, not Nordic."

Guunnar raises a brow, then strides through the people, Keon at his side.

*Little Star

^ sister

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