Monday, January 3, 2011

Rowan walks slowly around the circle, trying to ignore the sudden sick feeling this place is giving her. Glancing at Alise she notices how pale she has gotten, dark shadows under her eyes and she is staring straight ahead, as if she is seeing something the rest of the group cant.

Raina is pacing, anger and disbelief in her eyes, that her friend had been held in this evil place, and worry because Alise definitely wasnt looking good.

“*Pardusdýr, dvöl með Alise. Vörður hana heilbrigður.” and the big cat sits next to Alsie, alert and watching.

Rowan starts the protection spell, taking her athame out of the bag she brought along, she walks around the circle doesil, "I conjure You, oh Circle of Power, to be a rampart and protection against all malign and negative forces. May You be cleansed of all impurities. May this Circle preserve and contain the Power I raise within."

Using her athame to draw a pentagram in the air to invoke the elements Rowan continues, "I invoke You, oh Elements, Creature of Earth, Creature of Air, Creature of Fire, Creature of Water. I invoke You, spirit, Great Goddess, I invoke You. Be present here. Smile upon your priestess."

Walking, holding the athame around the outer edge of the circle she repeats “This circle is open. So mote it be."

*Panther, stay with Alise. Guard her well...

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