Monday, January 3, 2011

Alise sits in the chair and tries to pay attention to what Rowan is doing. She is aware of Panther coming to her and sitting as close as she possibly can to her. But her attention is on the center of the room. She knew Stoney had broken the table and the pieces were taken to another cell. But it was there in front of her, blood dripping off and puddling on the floor. She could hear the laughter and the howls of the weres and the pleading and screams of the girls. It was like she had never left this place. Her back started to hurt and it felt like blood was trickling down, making her shirt stick to her skin.

Suddenly the scene started to play out in front of her again. The dark haired girl with the dolphin tattoos being tied to the table, the were standing between her legs as she is tied down to the four corners. Only this time Alise knows whats coming and knows she cant stop it. She starts to sob, covering her face with her hands. But she can hear the sounds, and doesnt know which is worse.

Rowan goes to her and wraps her arms around her, “What are you seeing? Talk to me sweetheart, you are scaring Stoney half to death here. Its okay, you are here with us...”

Alise looks up at Rowans touch. The scene is no longer there in front of her but the dark haired girl is standing right at the edge of the circle, smiling at her. “I wont hurt you. Can you talk to someone for me? I know you can see me.”

Slowly Alise stands, “Rowan, can you see her?” Rowan shakes her head, and Alise steps a little closer. “Dont let Jack scare her, she wants to tell me something.”

Alise nods at the girl, “I can see you. I am sorry I couldnt  help you... before... I wanted to...”

“Its all right. None of this is your fault. It must have been awful for you too.” The girl unfastens a necklace, a silver dolphin pendant. “Can you give this to Ron for me? He will know what has happened for sure then. I dont want him to think I ran away from him. The shifter thing really didnt bother me much. Tell him my last thoughts were of him...”

The girl stretches out her arm to give Alise the necklace. Alise reaches for it and their hands seem to meet right at the line and the girl drops it into Alises open hand.

Rainas eyes are wide, only being able to see a silver necklace float in the air and drop into Alises hand.

“I will give this to him, I promise.” Alise starts to back away from the circle before Jack gets angry with her for being too close.

The girl smiles, “Thank you. Can your friend send me on? I only waited for you, I knew you would come back...”

Alise nods, unable to talk, tears flowing freely now, not sure how she would explain this to Ron or how much to tell him. She sits next to Rowan and Panther and watches as Jack sends her on....

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