Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pandora rushes to Ob..."Are you okay?" She can see the makeshift splints in place and she can see his eyes... they reveal what he will not tell her. She gently places her hand on his injured collarbone area, and the other on his hand... and she speaks the words of a healing spell... "It will make you more comfortable till you heal." Reassured that his injuries are not life threatening she moves to his right side and says, taking his hand and placing it on her stomach... "Our child was incredibly restless when you left with Rowan: I truly believe she has the connection the other gargoyles share with you. As she develops let me know if you feel things from her as well...". She looks into his eyes... "I love you Obsidian, you and our daughter have made me incredibly happy... don't scare me like that again." She leans against him, basking in the love that emanates from him.

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