Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ob groans as he angles his body to lower his head. His lips caress hers, his good arms curling her closer. He can feel the baby move between them. Ob licks his lips as he leans back, trying to cover the pain.

"I am alright, Bruha." He attempts a shrug, wincing. "I let Dominic get the best of me in the fight. I couldn't  sing and risk calling the true Light." he sighs. "I was vera tempted to do it, to show him up. But I am not Dominic. Dominic always had to be the best." His voice softens, "He thought he was the Elders' favorite, until Maarteen was born. He hated Maarteen for being a lost Talent. He hated me for being the Minstrel, and cousin to Silk. He hated Silk for killing his best friends, her twin brothers, and for refusing his offer."

He pulls Pandora back against him, his right hand stroking over their moving child.

"*Tranquilo, mi pequen'a chica. Papa'es multa. Esta' justo parte mi empleo..." He leans his cheek against Pandora's head. "Chloe, mi pequen'a chica, you must stop telling mama when I am in pain, si? It will just bring her running into danger." The baby kicks against his hand. Ob laughs, choking it off as his neck jars. "Okay... Chloe, you are NOT big enough to protect mama, not yet. And that kick hurt mama, is that what you want, chica?"

The baby calms under the soft stroke of both Ob and Pandora's hands. Ob sighs. "We have a fighter, Mujer. Do you mind making it an early night, mi amor? The kids playing are good." His words become slurred. "Help me upstairs, Bruha.." His dark skin starts graying and he leans a little heavier against Pandora. "**No soy sentido muy pozo. I just need to turn to stone..."

Pandora helps him take the stairs. It seems like forever until he settles beside the bed. Miko hovers, offering suggestions for pain management. The demifae dips and hiccups, showing signs of inebriation. He perches on the the dresser, leaning against a book. Slowly Miko slides down the book, head nodding as he passes out.

Ob tries to laugh, breathing shallowly through the pain. "^Beso me, amante. No sere' carne un poco momenti."

Pandora kisses him gently, and as her lips part from his, Ob whispers. +"Amo usted Bruha. Ver usted de la tarde."

He feels his body harden, thicken, and is aware of the splints splintering. He would laugh if he could, but stone has taken his words and he sends warmth to his daughter, knowing she will share it with her mother.

*peace my little girl. Papa is fine. It is just part of my job..."

**I am not feeling very well.

^Kiss me, lover. I will not be flesh in a few moments.

+ I love you , Witch, See you in the afternoon.

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