Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keon is fast on Alise' heels. With the first spill of French across her lips he stops behind her, crossing his arms, letting her words wind down.

"If you are done, Lady Alise..."

Keon drops the bottle of Poteen on the table, in front of Jack.

"Jack Stone, you are either a fool, or the Jack of legends. What you did was more than dangerous. But from the laughter," Keon looks at Nick and Raina, "I say this is part of a larger plan. Perhaps it is best if we hear what you three have wrought?"

Stoney slides a chair beneath Alise's legs and urges her to sit. Keon hooks a chair with his foot and relaxes into it.  He shakes his head at Jack as the bruises pass from his face.

"I am a little puzzled though. The man could have used magic on you, yet he used his fists. Since they made no effort to hide what they are, why avoid BEING who they are?"

Keon taps a finger on the side of his nose. "He is being coerced, of course." Keon flicks his fingers, "That is obvious... now. If Alise is calm enough to not give birth to the bairns in the next few moments... want to fill us in?"

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