Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alise had been holding hands with Stoney and could feel his flood of conflicting thoughts and emotions. She wondered if Keon had filled them in on how bad her memory was of past events. She didnt recognize many of the faces and didnt want to appear rude to Stoneys family. She remembered the oldest brother, and that he and Stoney had a terrible fight about her. His calling her a “human plaything” was one of the nicer things that had been said. She remembered his mother who had told them to just run away together.

The babies sensing her anxiety start to move, and Alise aware of the little thumps moves her hand and arm protectively across her belly.

“Forgive my lack of manners...” and Alise moves to curtsy to Stoneys mother but his grandmother stops her.

“*Non, non. Nous avons le temps pour le tout ceci plus tard. Nous retardons votre cérémonie et ce n'était pas notre intention. Nous n'avons pas voulu dire pour effrayer vous ou le peu ceux.” The grandmother takes Alises hands in hers and kisses her on both cheeks, “**Bienvenue, la petite, à notre famille.

Stoneys grandmother turns to him and says, “***Elle est très belle, aucune merveille que vous ne l'avez jamais oubliée.

Grandmother turns to the rest of the family and in a voice that is used to being obeyed without question, “****Bien, je suis venu pour voir mon fils wed. Pourquoi êtes-vous toute la position ici ? Laisse réussir avec elle!”

*No, no. We have time for all this later. We are holding up your ceremony and that was not our intention. We didnt mean to startle you or the little ones.

**Welcome, little one, to our family.

***She is very beautiful, no wonder you have never forgotten her.

****Well, I came to see my grandson wed. Why are you all standing here? Lets get on with it!

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