Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whoa… what did I just overhear?

I'm reeling from the thought that Star thinks I'm handsome - and I think she's a silly girl? What the hell gave her that idea?

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a commotion inside. Trouble…! Star runs to go back inside, but I hold her back. If there's trouble, she doesn't need to become a part of it. Nick and Raina are in there, and Rowan can probably work some kind of whammy if it's needed.

I watch, and… what the hell? what kind of silly-ass game is Jack playing?

He can't fake being drunk worth a damn and I'm amazed no one sees it for the sham it is. Then he's down and the pretty boy is giving him hell while the redhead heads off in a huff.

From my vantage point, I'm the only one who sees Jack do a reverse pickpocket thing - shoving something in Pretty Boy's pocket so smoothly I doubt he even noticed. Damn, the man has hidden talents.

Raina and Nick pull the combatants apart before any real damage is done. A big werewolf I haven't seen before takes Jack back to his table while my sister and her lover clean up the damage. Nick slips another something in his pocket without a flicker of expression, but he stiffens when Raina does it. She holds up a finger to command silence and then the Red Queen returns with her rage trailing behind her like a train. She snaps something at Pretty Boy and he follows meekly behind, without a word.

When they're gone, Star and I come back in. She's been nuzzling into Wolf, so maybe she didn't see much of it. I hope.

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