Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Traeger got an early start on the jewelry for Stoney and Alise. The ring he fashioned of silver following Stoney's design...picking the finest of the amythests and buffing and polishing it till it threw color all around his workroom. the ring was extremely comely and delicate due to Alise's small size....unknown to the two of them he also worked on Stoney's ring of matching design,its content a mixture with the things he and Rowan had discuss and the spell she had given him.

He had plans for her earrings...he was going to mold silver into the shape of small flowers and leaves,and put the amythests in the middle..hanging them from delicate wires. The necklace Pandora gave him the stone for ; would be made in the same design,using the theme of natures beauty and creating a set.

Traeger wanted to present the couple with a gift as well , so he was working on a design for a silver frame in which they could put a family would be wrought with celtic symbols and again the twining of vines and flowers,and he planned to incorporate a small nest in the base in which two tiny cherubs would sit...their cherished bebes.

While he worked his thoughts returned to Rowan,she was extremely gifted...and obviously a very caring person; but it was as if she would not allow herself to see anything for herself...he had been that way not long past...and he hoped she might open her eyes and realize that she was attractive to him,and certainly others...and she should have a life too.

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