Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tori had enlisted one of the regulars to sit in on keyboards. He wasn't bad, Ike had heard him play while Montenegro had taken time off. Tori was going over the first set with him now.

Monty had talked to her about sharing a room and Ike was a little nervous. It wasn't like they hadn't been sleeping together, but it meant taking things to another level. She blushes, thinking about his smooth butt and how the muscles moved under her hands. She grins at him and blows a kiss. Monty winks back and she watches a customer laugh. He blushes a bit and nods at a question. Slanted eyes look Ike over, a knowing smile cast her way. Not the first to send an open invitation, but she was happy with Monty. Ike nods in her direction and blows another kiss to Monty. He mimes catching it and she mounts the stage, laughing. Ob passes her and winks, sliding behind his kit.

The lights dim and Ike's silken voice caresses the suddenly quiet crowd.

"Welcome one and all, human and non, lovers of the Light, lovers of the Night... We are Montenegro, and we welcome you to the Twisted Tit Tavern."

Tori plays a blues riff, teasing the crowd.

"As most of you know, our esteemed brother Bloodstone has become a daddy. Momma and twins are doing fine."

A cheer erupts, followed by laughter.

"Stoney has taken sometime to bond with his family, so join us in welcoming Marcus Wolfe of Midnight Hour as our guest on the keys."

There is applause for Marcus. Ike's voice cuts over the sound. "We are Montenegro, and we welcome you to our world...."

Tori makes her strings scream and slides into the opening notes of Theory Of A Deadman's Invisible Man. The others ramp it up and Ob's strong voice snaps the crowd onto the floor.

The song ends on a slam and the pace is set. The group rocks through ACDC, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Three Days Grace, Pandemonium, and more. When the first break comes, Ike gratefully accepts her glass of water from Monty. Ob kisses Pandora and slips outside for some air. Miko sits on Pandora's shoulder, stroking the thick braid and whispering in her ear.

Silk rises and heads out the back hall. When Ike reaches for Ob, he is closed to her. Tori shakes her head. He has closed off to her also.

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