Friday, January 21, 2011

"There's no way that belonged to Star…" I say, and start to reach for the ring.

"Don't touch it!," Raina snaps. I freeze with my fingers two inches away. "Get a handkerchief or something. Maybe Mortuis can make something of it."

I can't find a handkerchief, but the bathroom yields up papier du toilette and I use some to pick up the ring and stow it away in my pocket.

Raina and I spend the next half hour searching the room, looking into and on top of and under everything. If there had been a larcenous mosquito in the room, we'd have found him. Apparently Star went in for the Spartan life, though, and her mother before her; there's nothing there that's not necessary and functional.

Three-quarters of an hour later, we have nothing but the ring and nasty memories. The atmosphere in that room is so thick that even I can almost smell it, and I'm nearly as psychic as a brick. We get out of there and Raina asks Star - still sitting outside - if she wants us to block up the room again. She gives a silent nod and together we put everything back as it was.

Outside again, Raina places a call to Mortuis, telling him we need his help in a matter that's more in his line than ours. A muscle clenches in my jaw as I listen. She snaps the phone shut decisively and turns to me. "Let's go, big brother."

"Where are we off to now?"

She smiles grimly. "We're off to see the wizard…."

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