Sunday, January 23, 2011

The tavern is silent after Morgans outbursts and departure. Star was watching from behind Erik, the red headed fae scaring her. She can sense the deep humiliation and pain Gareth is feeling. She slips from the barstool and walks slowly towards him, hoping Erik doesnt mind if she tries to make the fae feel a little better.

Gareth is hanging his head and isn't aware of Star approaching him until she touches his face lightly. Her eyes brown with concern, she lifts his head and smiles shyly at him. She looks at the side of his face and running her fingers slightly over the scarlet mark she can feel the sting and knows that he has been hit there many times. Star lets the palm of her hand hover over the red mark and she closes her eyes and concentrates. In seconds the mark starts to fade.

She grins at Gareth, “Bbb..better?”

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