Friday, January 7, 2011

The Tavern doors open and Tori leads a couple of guys to the stage. It is barren except for Ob's kit and Stoney's keyboard. They set down some cases and head back out as Ike comes in with another guy, putting down some boxes of cd's. She slips behind the bar and kisses Monty before scooting back out. Several trips later, Tori is helping the boys set up and Ike settles at the end of the bar.

Monty brings her a glass of ice water with lemon, stealing a kiss as wild as staking a claim. Ike is left breathless, purring with delight. It is only after he moves back up the bar with a satisfied smile that she notices the guy talking to Raina. Ike turns so only Monty can see. Her fingers undo the top buttons of her blouse, then trace over the exposed skin. She presses a fingertip to her lips, then parts her lips, sucking the tip inside. His eyes watch every move as she slides the wet fingertip down her lip, chin, then throat. It traces a line down between her breasts and Ike smiles at Monty, biting her lower lip.

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