Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stoney follows the gnome down a path. He vows to learn these pathways before the bebes are born. Mon Alli... How are you feeling this morning, Chaton, and the bebe's? Let the others know I will be joining you soon.

The gnome veers along another branch of the path and soon points to the clearing ahead. He nods to Stoney and disappears into the trees.

Stoney begins to whistle Dream A little Dream as he approaches the group.

"Good afternoon, mes amis. Welcome to our home," he takes a moment to pick Erik's name from Alise's thoughts, "Erik, Raina's brother" He gives Star his shy smile, the one that doesn't seem to scare her. "Miss Star. Madame Raina, Mistress Rowan."

His arms encircle Alise's belly, caressing and smoothing over the twins movements.

"Allo mon bebes. We need your names soon mon petits." He taps his fingertips over the small bulges.

Stoney settles on the ground, tugging Alise into his lap. He scratches Panther's ears, offering a hand to Tiger. "Kitty Kat... Is this your beau, young lady? You are a handsome specimen, Sir." Tiger sniffs Stoney's hand, then turns his attention back to Star.

"I think I have just been dismissed..." Stoney grins and hugs Alise closer.

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