Sunday, January 23, 2011

Star slowly sits at the table. She can feel Eriks concern and protectiveness for her. When he sits, she scoots her chair as close as it can get to Eriks and hooks her arm in his.

Raina starts pacing like she does when upset or thinking. She isnt sure how Erik is going to react to these two or if Keon and Gunnaar understand the depth of feeling that exists between Erik and Star already. The last thing Star needs is for any of them to blow up about something.

Star starts to reach for her glass of wine and sees that Gunnaars big hand is resting on the table near her glass. He notices her looking and smiles but does not move his hand. Her eyes turn yellow, wondering why he wont move. Star keeps watching and the second Gunnaars glance shifts to Raina, Star grabs her glass so quickly, Gunnaar never sees her move. He laughs, a loud guffaw that startles Star, and says, “Smart, and fast too....”

Sipping from her glass, Stars attention turns to Keon. He has been watching her and she gets the sense that not much of anything escapes those intense eyes. She is wary of him, I can feel something dark, not really evil, a sadness maybe? Regrets? Something buried deep that he almost does not acknowledge. Her glance shifts to his ears, I dont see why he wants to help me, he is one of them, just like those others. Maybe he knows my father. Mother said he went back to them.... She glances at Raina who gives her a reassuring smile. Raina trusts him, but I dont know ...

She leans into Erik, closes her eyes and takes a slow deep breath, trying to quiet her thoughts.

Erik leans close asking “Are you all right, Princess?”

Star nods her head, but the serious look of mistrust in her eyes when she looks at Keon doesnt go unnoticed by Erik....

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