Monday, January 3, 2011

Rowan knocks softly on the door to the cottage, hoping she isnt intruding. She opens the door just enough to stick her head in, “Hi, is it okay if I come in? I dont want to interrupt anything...”

She sees Stoney by the fireplace and he waves at her, “No, its fine, come in. Alise is sleeping.”

Rowan smiles at the sight of Alise nearly naked and curled up on the floor with a panther. “That looks extremely comfortable to me.” Moving Alises hair out of the way, she looks at her back, checking for any sign of infection. “I wish her hip looked better. Its the only injury that really worries me at this point. Her back is healing fast. Has she been sleeping for very long? I imagine with the babies growing as fast as Ob has said they would she is going to be tired much of the time.”

Stoney nods, “She fell asleep on the way home and hasnt moved since Panther came.”

“I am not surprised. Tonight will be hard for her too. I hope this all goes as planned.”, Rowan sighs. "I will try to put the compresses on her back without waking her. Sunrise is not far off, if you need to rest, its fine. I can stay with her. I'll be in the kitchen for a bit getting things ready for her.”

Merci, Rowan.” and Stoney returns his gaze to Alise, worried too about her returning to the farm....

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