Friday, January 21, 2011

Raina and I have been sitting at our usual table, drinking and flirting. I've told her some amusing anecdotes about my early days as a vampire while ogling her low-cut neckline. Maybe that's good - despite all the times I've seen her naked, I still gawk at her every chance I get.

I can't help it; she's not just gorgeous, though there's that, too - she's sexy, and that's a much rarer thing.

You don't have to look like a Playboy centerfold to be sexy. Truth to say, many of the sexiest women I've known in my span have had only average figures; but their attitude more than made up for it.

Raina has that attitude - that go-to-hell-world attitude that fires my blood and makes me tingle in places that are both south and north of the Mason-Dixon line. And when she glides her fingers up my thigh under the table, it takes all my hard-won self-control not to rip her clothes off and ravish her right there at the table.

The band's just setting up, so I drop some coins in the jukebox. I flash some fang and beckon Raina onto the dance floor as the sound of Halestorm wails from the machine.

Raina moves into my arms, fits herself to my body….

Drink the wine my darling, you said
Take your time and consume all of it
But the roses were only to drain my inspiration
The promises were spoiled before they left your lips and

I breathe you in again
Just to feel you underneath my skin
Holding on to the sweet escape
Is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

Her mouth is at mine, her hands demurely at my back; but her mouth could break a stronger will than mine, even if I was holding back. I feel heat wash across my face, sing through my veins. I draw a hand lazily down her all-but-bare back, my nails tracing lightly as she ravages my mouth.

We move to the rhythm, lost in each other. Her skin is hot where it touches mine and my non-beating heart feels like it's pounding. God, to be a poet, a lyricist; nothing less could do her justice.

"I love you." I breathe the words against her throat, following up with a wet lingering kiss that clings and tugs and never quite lets go. I'm hard as granite against her thigh, but that's really unimportant right now; what matters is the feeling she awakens, that wild, whirling dizziness that no one else has ever, can ever evoke in me.

I don't wanna be saved, I don't wanna be sober
I want you on my mind, in my dreams
Behind these eyes that I wanna wake up
No, not this time

I'm drunk on her nearness, an intoxication that nothing can equal.

The song ends, and Raina leans in to me, her breath hot against my ear.

"Take me upstairs and fuck me senseless.…"

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