Friday, January 21, 2011

Monty heard the movement upstairs and being as tuned to Pandora as he was to Patti he turned and told Patti... "Pandora is up with Ob... better start thinking about some fiery concoction for her and that child of hers"... Patti laughed and nodded, wandering toward the kitchen, while Monty turned his attention to the stage and Ike. She would be stirring any minute; he had something to discuss with her tonight... she had a shared room with Tori for dressing and such... but he had talked with Pandora about them sharing the room and creating a dressing room/computer space out of his small room for Tori; she spent most of her time near the bar when she wasn't on stage.

He had approached Tori and while she mumbled some cracks about lovebirds, she wasn't opposed to the idea... and Ike was the last step in his plan. He felt that with their own private space she could rest when she went to stone next to their bed, in privacy... so that if she tumbled from bed naked as a jaybird she could waken that way without prying eyes. He admitted to himself as he neared the stage that he was selfish, for he wanted to be there each evening as those granite breasts and thighs became flesh again; that he be there to stroke her into wakefulness,and fold her in his arms as she moaned beneath his touch.

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