Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mon Alli... stay away from her.

Stoney hands the drumsticks to Ob and moves between the redhead and Alise. Something about her puts him on edge. He notes Ob sliding between her and Pandora as well. Shifters seem to be noticing the raised tension as well.

Ron and his friends lounge at the bar. The fox and tiger sip their drinks slowly. The wolf watches the situation openly. The cougar moves to stand behind Pandora's couch. Ob motions him back a few steps.

Stoney touches his mind to Alise's, then the bebes'. He strokes them to quiet, warning them this woman is a danger to them and their ma'man. Bending down, he kisses her lips very gently, hiding their faces with his hair. Trust me mon amour. I don't like the feel of her.

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