Sunday, January 9, 2011

Keon watches the young Fae leave. There is a sadness that eats at her light. Well, she knows there is a Dark hand if she needs it. he muses. Silk touches his hand and nods toward Traeger. She has something to discuss with the Smith and then must leave. He rises and accompanies her to where Traeger now sits alone.

Keon listens to Silk's warning about someone trying to break into the smithy. A human, and possibly related to the person she is Hunting. She urges Traeger to triple his wards. Keon offers a Hound's protection as well.

Silk bids her cousin a farewell and slips into the night. The Fallen Angel picks up her pace, and soon they are lost in the shadows. Keon shakes his head, then leans against the railing. His thoughts roam, twisting along wayward paths. It isn't until a large hand claps his shoulder that he realizes the night has flown. There are several gars to return to France. The Riders slip away, gathering Stoney's Kin for their trip home.

Keon offers A'eule a ride. She nods, but stands for a few minutes more, staring at the statue she had given Stoney and Alise. She  smiles and a diamond bright stone plops next to the pedestal. She picks it up and places it in the crook of the female image's arm. She turns and places her hand on his forearm.

"Come Young Rider, Paris awaits."

Within minutes they, and many other Riders are gone, riding the dark paths to Paris.

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