Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keon watches from the shadows as the Unseelie storms past him. A Hound waits at his feet, edging out to sniff the ground. Truant lands on its back. Two other demifae follow. Grasping the fur of the Hound's scruff. they nod at Keon. The Hound bounds to the shadows, following in the Fae's wake.

Guunnar holds the door, waiting for Keon. The big man bows as Keon moves past him.

"I tink ve haff missed sumthink gut, Ke." Keon nods and turns to hang their cloaks by the door. Guunnar heads to the bar and orders drinks, getting the lowdown from Monty. Keon joins Ob and Pandora. His eyes rest on the slight swelling of Ob's hand.

"Silk has taken the human before Herne and the Council." Ankles crossed, he watches Star tend to Gareth. "She has great compassion, that one." Ob nods, wincing.

"Anyway, Truant has taken two spies with him. They are following our Lady Morgan. If she slips into Faerie, they will be able to follow." A demifae darts into the loose fall of his ebony hair. He grips the shell of Keon's ear and leans close. Keon listens, watching Gareth closely.

Guunnar brings back their drinks and smiles as Keon stands, raising his glass. His voice carries over the buzz of conversation.

"Salu't to whoever pissed off the Unseelie Bitch!"

There is a shocked lull in the sound and then laughter. "Lord Blackthorn!" Keon turns to the voice. The young woman blushes when he tells her to call him Keon. "Are you and Guunnar the only ones coming tonight?"

Keon grins, but Guunnar answers her. "I vill cum mit you, beautiful." There is laughter. "But you ask of Ramji, ja? He is at Court but will cum for you tomorrow night. I tell him you vant him, ja?"

The shifter blushes and lowers her face into her hands. Keon leans forward so his hair touches the edge of the table. The demifae slides down his hair and disappears into the flower arrangement. He reaches across and snags a tortilla chip from Pandora's plate.

"So my friends... What did I miss?"

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