Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The darkness is welcoming. Stoney stands outside listening to the quiet sounds of his family. He smiles, hearing the soft sounds of Alise's footsteps. Her thoughts brush his, feather light. Her arms encircle his waist as she leans against him. gathering her close, he rubs his cheek against hers whispering.

"Mon Chaton, *les soir trouver son beaute' quand vous se promener dans le."

Small kisses dot along her shoulder. Each kiss punctuating his words. cupping her face, he kisses her gently.  The kiss deepens and he loses himself in her taste, the feel of her. With a groan, he comes up for air.

"We have no sitter tonight. I cannot take you to the lake. A Sylph will alert us if the bebes need us."

His hands slowly strips her as he talks, exploring every curve. She shivers under his touch, and he merges his thoughts with hers. Only then does he realize it is not all arousal. Scooping her into his arms, he carries her inside. The pillows are still nestled on the rug near the fire. Stoney lowers her there, kissing her along the slope of her soft breast. Teeth scrape and Alise arcs, moaning. His fingers trail up her thigh, teasing the soft flesh.

The edge of her folds are already damp and Stoney grins. Sucking a nipple between his lips, he plays, teasing it with lips and teeth Alise arcs her back and Stoney dips a finger between her petals, sliding softly in the wetness. The tip of his nail scrapes over her clit, causing her to buck. He begins teasing it, stroking, scraping, then pinching and tugging. Moving his mouth to her other nipple, Stoney laps and teases it as well. Alise soon begins to writhe under his attack.

She is mewling in pleasure. Stoney kisses his way down her stomach, still playing with her clit and folds. His fingers trail from clit to rectum, making her squirm. Kissing her golden curls, Stoney tugs them, bringing a yelp. As Alise bucks up, Stoney plunges his fingers deep into her. She screams, grinding on his hand.

Slowly the fingers begin to slide. Stoney curls them slightly, bringing more moans from his wife. Looking up her body, he watches her breasts bounce with each sound. Her breathing is punctuated with small pants and he smiles. Again he begins slow kisses, this time over her wet folds, his tongue parting them as his fingers continue to their movement. He twists his fingers, making her shift upwards. His tongue slides over her clit, lapping once, twice. Her pleasure rockets through his own and he groans into her moist flesh.

He feels her rising, her orgasm coming closer. He follows her need, licking and biting softly, scraping his teeth over her bud. His fingers are soon replaced by his tongue, its length thrusting into her wet channel. His fingertips caress and tease her tight ring as he alternates his teasing with deep probes of his tongue. She grinds against his mouth, moving back against his fingers as they press harder. One finger presses on her tight anal ring as she moves and it slowly enters.

There is a moment of surprise, slight pain as her muscles clamp tight around his fingertip. Stoney kisses her pussy, lapping over her clit to counter it. Alise soon relaxes and moans. Holding his hand still, he lets Alise control how deep she wants it. Stoney's active mouth has her moaning again. The fingers of his other hand soon find their way to her mound. His thumb slips between her folds as he thrusts deep again.

Alise moans, feeling so close to the edge. Stoney opens his own need to her, letting her feel the painful ache in his cock. He wants her to tell him what she wants. He feels her so close and moves his mouth away, moving to kiss her belly as his hands tease her pussy and tight ass.

"Chiot... s'il vous plait... tellement fermer... faire l'amour a' moi a' maintenant! Profund, pousse'e profund!"

He slowly pulls his hands away, sliding them along her thighs. "On your knees, Alli... You want me deep, get on your knees."

Alise scrambles onto her knees. Hands separating her sweet rounded cheeks, Stoney dips his head, lapping from clit to ass. His tongue presses over her tight ring, feeling it part under his attention. Alise moans and he rises behind her, fingers dipping into her wetness. He teases her clit until she is panting, grinding back at him. He rubs his thumb along her wet slit, gathering up her juices. Leaning over her he guides his hard cock into her tight channel, feeling her stretch around him. He pushes until she whimpers at the pain of stretching, then slips out a bit. When she bucks back, he forces more of himself into her. Soon he is sunk deep, holding still to regain his control as she twitches around him.

Slowly he begins to thrust. Alise whimpers, rocking in counterpoint. Stoney groans, then reaches under her, first cupping and stroking her breasts, then teasing her nipples. One hand presses on her shoulders, urging her to lower her head to the pillows. As she does, her ass raises up and Stoney rams home.

Alise bucks crying out. Her body trembles and he feels her reaction slam through him. He feeds it back to her, feeling her clamp tight around him, then begin to try to ride him. His fingers dip down to stroke her clit, making her tremble more. Rearing back, Stoney pulls back. His cock is coated in her sweet nectar and he pauses, sliding his thumb through the slickness.

Alise is pressing back, clenching and unclenching around him, as he keeps her from impaling herself. He watches her tight asshole flex and groans in anticipation. She shudders as he rubs her honey into her sphincter. He bucks his hips and Alise bucks back, surprising herself as his thumb thrusts in and Stoney shoves deep.

Stoney rocks hard, over and over, feeling Alise taking him and grinding back for more. He rubs the tip of his thumb inside her ass, feeling her excitement. Alise's body dances under his, milking his cock and thumb. His large hands span her hips as he pulls his thumb out. With one final thrust , Stoney begins to explode inside her. Alise screams as he shouts her name, her body shuddering through her orgasm. Their minds merged, the orgasm ricochets back and forth until they collapse to the pillows, senseless.

*the night finds its beauty when you walk in it.

^please... so close... fuck me now! Deep, thrust deep!

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