Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Conal? You did all this for Conal?" Her eyes are venomous with hate. "You poor pathetic imbecile! Conal is dead! I had him whipped to death the day after I caught you together!" Her face and voice changes, becoming soft and almost wistful. "I wish you could have been there... he kept crying and calling for you. It was quite pathetic actually.”

Gareth is in shock, his face pale, with a shaky voice he asks, “Where is he.... his body?”

Morgan stands and moves in front of Gareth, “His body? Well I had it put someplace quite special. Someplace you pass by everyday when we are at my place. Remember the addition to my bedroom? The part with the umm... playroom, for lack of a better word. I had the foundations made a little thicker than usual. He is in the concrete. I think he was dead when we tossed him in, I really didnt check first. Just think Gareth, in a way he has been a part of all our romps....”

Morgan smiles evilly at the look of horror on Gareths face, “Well, at least I didnt have him stuffed and mounted in the corner of my room. The thought did occur to me...”

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