Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alise sends her thoughts to Stoney, Be careful with her Chiot. She is very shy around men and she does not talk. Watch her eyes closely, you can tell some of her feelings by the colors. I will explain more later...

Star sits next to Alise and pays close attention to everything that is being said and not said. Rowan asks Alise a few questions about how she has been feeling and measures her belly, teasing at how fast the babies grow. Star can almost feel the unasked questions Alise has... I wonder why she isnt telling Rowan that she is scared...maybe she just doesnt want Stoney to worry....but if she just asked, Rowan could tell her that's normal, all the mothers worry about actually having the baby, especially the first time. I wonder how his brother turned into a dragon??

Star looks down at her lap when she notices Stoney looking at her, as she does when any man looks at her. She pushes her hair back and hooks it behind a pointed ear.

Stoney seeing the ear sends his thoughts to Alise, Enfant de fée?? Is she a changeling child?

I dont know Chiot....

Rowan stands, “Well, I have a few other patients to check on. Have fun shopping with Ike and be sure to find some pants for yourself. I dont want you to trip and fall because you are trying to hold your britches up.”

“I will find something, I promise.” Alise turns to Star, “You will come back again with Rowan wont you?”

Star smiles and nods, her eyes bright blue. As her and Rowan walk out the door she turns and without making a sound mouths “thank you” to Alise.

Alise watches out the window as they head down the path towards the Manse and Rowans old van. She goes to curl up next to Stoney by the fire. “Rowan is not sure if she is a changeling since she wont talk. Her eyes change colors with her emotions, a little like Ob's, but hers are more like watching a rainbow.” Alise smiles, “Its very pretty but so unusual and confusing if you are trying to figure out what she is thinking about.”

Alise stands,giggling, grabbing her jeans with one hand and trying to pull Stoney up with the other, “Come help me find something to wear so I dont have to go shopping with Ike with my belly hanging out of my pants.”

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