Monday, January 24, 2011

Alise returns the kiss passionately, then smiles. “Thank you, mon amour. Wait until you see the boots that go with this dress....” As she turns to get them Stoney grins,admiring the view. The soft knit skirt and top clings to Alises curves and he is reminded of how long it as been since he has been with his wife.

“It is a good thing your sister likes to shop. I would be hopeless, there is too much to chose from.” Alise pulls on the brown knee high boots and zips them. As she sits looking at the spiky heels she laughs, “I wonder what maman or my sisters would think of these. I hope I dont fall and break my neck... Oh... we cant forget Stars gift. I hope she likes it.”

Stoney nods and retrieves the box from the bedroom so they dont forget it. He smiles as remembers watching Alise painstakingly change the buttons on the coat she and Tori picked out for Star. Alise had remembered Rowan saying something about certain metals bothering Star and since Alise couldnt remember what ones for sure she had cut all the buttons off and replaced them, sewing the new ones on herself. It took some time since two of her fingers didnt bend quite right after Jean-Marc had broken them. Stoney knew that her hand still pained her at times, but she didnt complain much.

Alise is getting the babies settled into car seats when Tori pulls up. She laughs at Tara, “Mon Dieu, look at her Stoney. She is so small she is going to slip right out of it.” Alise uses some baby blankets to pad around Tara so she will stay in her seat.

“Wow, nice outfit Alise. What does Stoney think of that?” as Tori picks up the diaper bag.

Alise laughs, “I think he likes it...”

Stoney whispers to Alise as they are going out the door, “I would like to see that outfit on the floor next to the bed...”

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