Monday, January 3, 2011

Alise is even more saddened by the sight of the grandmother. Her mind goes to Stoneys, That bastard, that is beyond evil, an old woman? And the gargoyle.... what could have happened?

She wipes her tears, and nods when the girl thanks her. “You are welcome...”

Rowan keeps an arm around Alise. She cant see the spirits as plainly, they appear to her as misty forms, floating by, barely noticeable if one wasnt looking for them.

She asks Alise, “Are you all right? We can leave if you need to and let the others finish here.”

Alise shakes her head, “I have to stay. Its hard to believe that there is such evil in men, to do such horrible things. I dont understand it.... I never will.”

Suddenly Stoneys mind touches hers, Which cell were you in Chaton?

Alise hesitates, knowing he can probably scent it anyway, then points to the one on the end. The darkest one, away from all the others. Alise starts to shake, not wanting Stoney to see it. But there might be a lost soul there too, so she says nothing, pulls Panther closer and buries her face in her fur.

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