Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rowan wondered if Stoney had avoided his race because of his love for Alise. She wasnt about to ask, unless he volunteered to tell her, it was none of her business. She moved to the couch to give Raina some more room, Panther wasnt about to give up her warm spot in front of the fireplace.

Smiling she asks Stoney, “Relatives planning your ceremony? I wouldnt worry too much, I think Alise will put her foot down. She told me small and simple and she looked like she meant it. But I would like to talk to your brother, if thats okay, and after you tell him of course. If I have a better idea of what to expect I can be of more help to her. In a couple of weeks we can do an ultrasound, then we will know for sure about the baby or babies. I think she will do that, she will get to see a picture....”

Alise starts to cry and moan loudly. Raina reaches over panther and stroking Aises cheek, repeats, “Its all right lĂ­till einn, leave this sad place and come with me...”

Raina appears to be sleeping and Stoney looks puzzled. Rowan tells him that Raina is trying to take her to another place in her dreams. “I wasnt convinced it would help, but its worth a try.”

Stoney nods, knowing Raina would never consider doing anything that would hurt Alise.

Rowan explains to him that she has smaller splints to put on the injured fingers, and would try some lavender oil and a very mild over the counter pain medication. “Since she has never taken anything, I would expect it to help. Thats if we can get her to take it. That and the vitamins she needs...” Rowan notices the sadness and worry in Stoneys face. She rubs his shoulder, “I know you are worried. She is going to be fine. She is a lot stronger than she looks. Is there anything else I can help either one of you with? All you need to do is ask...”

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